Why People Choose us for Our Services

minibus serviceWhen it comes to delivering service to clients, just like any other business Minibus Hire Reading has got quite a reputation. There are things that we do that makes us to stand out from the rest. It is the simple things like making sure that the client is treated right and gets what they have paid for. Here is what we are known to do best;

Professional drivers

All the drivers are vetted according to the company laws and making sure that those that are selected have the necessary skills that are required for proper service delivery. Only the best will get behind the wheel. Most of the customers have never complained that the drivers were rude to them.

We are reliable

With minibus hire reading, we always make sure that you get what you want. If you have booked a certain van of a particular model and make, then that is what you will get. If you want us to pick you at the airport, then that is what we shall do. Always making sure that the client is satisfied by our services.

Easy terms and conditions

At Reading Premier Minibus Company we have easy to read and understand terms and conditions for renting a minibus. Although the terms are self explanatory, our staff is always available to help out where you do not understand well. Do not sign the documents if you are still not sure what to do.

Affordable prices

Hiring a minibus does not have to be expensive. We have a wide range of minibuses that a client can choose from. All the different categories have their own price rand and should not be something that you cannot afford. Our prices affordable are making it possible for everyone to use our vans.

Quality services at all times

As a valued client, we always make sure that you get the value of your money. With a well trained support staff, you will get to understand everything you need know about our company. In addition, Readings Premier Minibus Company is available for bookings seven days a week. You can also book online through our website.

Penalties that might arise

Sometimes we have to deal with clients who might damage the van or bring back the van when it is way overdue the time they have been allocated. In such a case a penalty might be imposed but it is not something major. It is a way of helping to repair the car if it is damaged.

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