The Glory Days Of 1970-1979 Ford Trucks


Ford is considered as one of the best automobile companies in the world and all the products of this company are acknowledged everywhere. Quality and variety are the two important factors that Ford focuses to provide its customers. The vehicles produced here speak about the superiority of this company over others. They are all too good for various purposes. As already said, Ford doesn’t limit its services to any one section of automobiles. A number of types such as cars, hybrids and crossovers along with the best Ford trucks are provided by this company. And more importantly, the fact that the famous trucks from Ford are the best can’t be denied.

The company started producing trucks from 1900s. And with time and experience, it gained name and popularity. All the trucks from Ford that are produced till date are very successful, but the trucks produced in the 1970s made the world see a new range of choices in trucks. The trucks in 1970s not only gratified the customers with their great services but also helped the company exceed its own set standards. It is believed that some of the best trucks in the world were made in the 1970s, and they were none other than the Ford trucks.

Best Ford Trucks

Trucks are used for many purposes. They are always in demand in the commercial sphere. And Ford has done an excellent addition to the world of trucks. After the long years of producing trucks since 1908, this company took some of the best decisions in the 1970s. It opened a new truck plant called as Louisville Plant. And it was considered as a wise step that made the presence of this company in the world of trucks even stronger and prominent.

Among the many best Ford trucks produced in this decade, some of the first trucks produced include 1970 Ford LNT 800 and 1970 Ford C-900. The C-900 was a truck from the Ford C-series and was introduced with many improvements. This model was considered as the “big job” model and was superior from the others present in this series.

The introduction of 1971 Ford lts added variety to the world of trucks. This truck produced by Ford was designed for transportation of heavy loads. One of the important features of this model that made it desirable is the set back front axle. Many other facilities were also included that made its presence known. When the demand of attractive interiors touched the market, Ford introduced its W-series in which the nice interiors were among some of the changes made in thebest Ford trucks.  Many other changes were also made in the trucks that marked the better facilities and services of this series over others.

Ford is a company that always does its best for the customers. It knows the technique of changing failure into success. The large numbers of trucks produced by this company in the 1970s made the entire world witness a grand improvement in the family of trucks.

The Trucks of the Ford F-series helped the company in making a huge step towards the advancement in the world of trucks. This series was known for its full pickup trucks, and can be considered as one of the largest series by Ford. Also, it includes many generations. This series made history and after very successful five generations, Ford redesigned the trucks and produced the sixth generation in 1973. And so, the time of 1970s witnessed the sixth generation of Ford F-series. This very successful generation (1973-1979) lasted for quite a long time. It can also be said that it almost covered the entire decade of 70s. A new model under this series, called as F350 SRW was also offered by the company.

It was a heavy-duty pickup vehicle and many other features were also added to it in order to make the job of its users easier. The F-series was tremendously successful in America and made several records as well. Also, the great success of this series compelled many other automakers to renew their strategies and plans. Some other Ford trucks such as F-150 and Bronco were also introduced and redesigned. The F-series being one of the most successful productions from the Ford house of trucks is in use till date. Presently, people are provided with the twelfth generation of this series that speaks about the triumphant victory of the grand Ford F-series.

Ford has always believed in the policy of improvement and the Ford trucks produced throughout reflect the company’s beneficial policies for its customers. Every new technique and style is seen in the trucks of this company. The trucks here are full of facilities and serve the purpose of the people. The best Ford trucks produced during 1970-1979 were just remarkable and this period can be called as the golden period in the history of truck production all over the world.

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