Test-drive Infiniti QX56


In the modern world the huge SUVs – separate caste cars. As suggested by the practice and feedback of many owners of such cars, excellent patency is now nothing more than an additional advantage you can flaunt on some rare departure for real off-road or over a glass of brandy, meryayas friends cars.
Most monstrous size cars for most of his life in the city, and the most serious obstacles to let them become curbs drifts. In the foreground, respectively, out design, comfort and interior. Fuel consumption, by the way, a strong argument for buying a huge SUV is also not the stickers «F ** k fuel economy» is still popular.

Based on this thesis, taking a test drive Infiniti QX56, we decided not to drive it on the roads, and spend all five days in the city, checking the compatibility of machines with routes home – work – home and travel through the empty city and Moscow. At the same time, we knew that none of the colleagues that had to ride on this Infiniti, in terms of cross-questions to him remained. At its predecessor the new QX56 is not similar. The narrow headlights, sleek body lines, slicked wings – from past brutality was gone. Muscle bulk, of course, not to hide, so the car looks like a former athlete (wrestler or boxer), kept a good shape, but have traded comfortable tracksuit with three stripes on the civilian suit from Versace. Although broken ears – huge mirrors – they can not hide. And the gills in the front fenders, along with gigantic size grill some aggression outside of the car attached. As for the back, it still looks massive and impressive, but a bit disproportionate: the upper part of the glass tailgate seems much narrower than the bottom. Interestingly, by the way, that either changes in design, or have changed the whole attitude to the big car meant that respect on the road QX gets much smaller: the road, of course, give way , but it is necessary, they say, “take the tail “and blink-beam. Advance towards one respectfully does not move.
Open the door and realize that no mistake: Infiniti his interiors immediately entices us to ensure that the roads to forget forever. Well, what kind of dirt could be discussed if it could stain light beige leather, which tightened the seat, steering wheel and the front panel. Anyway inside there is so much that the car owner can replace the whole world. For example, the rear passengers have their own climate control and entertainment systems. Monitors are installed in the front seat headrests, just connect headphones, and the person becomes fully detached from everything that happens in the car: can watch a movie or listen to the radio, other than the fact that he listens to the driver. Actually I should say that the car is clearly aimed at those who come behind. Place here so much, that even all the way to push back the driver’s seat did not make the life of a passenger sitting behind him, less comfortable. True, sit comfortably here only two: back sofa is divided into two large armchairs, between which there is an impressive armrest. But the margin such that the second person can simply ignore. Plus the car trunk just unreal proportions. Third row seats fold “on the floor”, forming not only plenty of room to transport any large cargoes, from mountain biking to the longest ski, but also an excellent sleeper in case you want to bear on the road to sleep.

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