Test-drive Infiniti QX56. Part 2


With the driver’s seat is more complicated. No space here that as well. The seat is very spacious and conveniently arranged in it can, as in your favorite chair watching television.Wheel handy, let control of switching tracks at first not at all clear (up – back down – forward).Functions of all kinds abound: from heating and cooling systems to chairs around view. The last option is really very useful: the system uses five cameras that are located around the perimeter of the car, and very helpful when parking or maneuvering at low speed in a confined space. It would seem, nothing to complain about. But its fly in the ointment here is: an awkward layout of the controls on some systems. Thus, the driver is quite difficult to reach the buttons off the air conditioner. Well, the “lamb”, the manager heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel and key, located in the very, very bottom of the center console to get impossible. It is, apart from the road, to reach somewhere in the bowels of the car.

Now, how is the hero of our story we coped with the proposed routes. Traffic jams on this car ride is a pleasure. Of course, if the wallet is full of crisp bills and the prospect of regular visits to gas stations is not worried. In strong congestion average fuel consumption according to the testimony of the trip computer can easily reach the mark of 26-27 liters per 100 kilometers. The rest – no problem. You sit high, look away. The prospects of a traffic jam – at a glance. If up to the point that the road is visible from the driver’s seat, all filled with frozen machines, you can easily include the films: in the near future is unlikely to go. In addition, QX56 deliver maximum noise isolation. Sound 5.6-liter engine with 405 hp, has an enviable bass is heard is: what is low, at high speeds the result is – silence. Respectively, and from the outside world all the car’s occupants are separated soundproof canopy, so annoying beeps or sound punched silencer neighboring “bowl” will not annoy. And so all suspension beyond description – go around the pit on this car is not necessary in principle. Better each time to rejoice as transparent to all inhabitants of the salon giant SUV eats up even the most noticeable irregularities. It should be prepared only to that of total relaxation and the attainment of Nirvana to the sounds of great music system from Bose will distract frequent beeping security system, car stuffed to the eyeballs. If control of accidental crossing a solid line marking in the mirror is not terrible (but on the move it can result in a slowdown of the wheels on one side), here’s monitoring blind spots will be constantly winking diodes on the mirrors and happy to report finding of danger rather unpleasant sound. Very adequately demonstrated himself a car and when traveling on an empty road. Seven-speed gearbox excellent job of transferring torque (maximum value of 560 N · m) at the wheel. Before hundreds QX56 accelerates in 6.5 seconds. That car weighing 2800 kg the result is more than decent. On the line you can even drive with many sedans, leaving them behind. With twists same joke is not: a high center of gravity and a large mass of the vehicle has not been canceled. So “go into turns at high speed” – it is not for QX56. Quickly drive straight past the startled passers by juicy sound of music from the cabin – please. As a result, our editors have come to the conclusion that this car worth 3.795 million rubles would be a great car to drive with the driver. Especially for those who are tired of the executive class limousine. For comfort Infiniti QX56 they did not give in, to cross ahead of him. Ride him not be ashamed to even a man with ordinary man in the street is not clear system of values. As for the use of this machine as a vehicle for the driver, here it trumps do not look so hard.
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