How Your Teen Can Earn Pocket Money in Every Season

How Your Teen Can Earn Pocket Money in Every Season

If you are tired of your children begging you for spending money, encourage them to earn their own spending money by doing simple seasonal tasks for yourself or your neighbors.

Rake Leaves in Autumn

When the trees begin to change, the falling leaves can be a hassle. Encourage your children to ask the neighbors if they need their leaves raked for a small fee. Your neighbors will be happy with pristine lawns and your children can gain valuable experience as well as money to spend on their desires or put into savings.

Shovel Snow in Winter

Especially after a large snowstorm or blizzard, your children can shovel driveways or sidewalks. This task is vital for many to be able to commute to work or take their children to school. If you own a snow plow, it can reduce the time and workload and allow for a much easier way to clear pathways.

Help Pull Weeds in Spring

When the first flowers begin to blossom as the weather warms, weeds begin to emerge as well. Your child can greatly assist neighbors in manicuring their gardens. It is easy to remove weeds efficiently using everyday gardening tools, so this is a quick way for your child to earn additional money.

Mow Lawns or Water Plants in Summer

When your child has free time in summer, they have many more opportunities to make money. Many families take annual vacations during the months of June through August, so your child can perform simple tasks such as taking care of houseplants or keeping the lawn trimmed while the neighbors are away.

Motivating your children to advertise their services to neighbors teaches punctuality, work ethic and financial responsibility. Whatever the season, there is always work to be done that busy adults would rather pass on to a young earner as an option to earn extra cash.

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