Easy Fixes for Your Truck

Easy Fixes for Your Truck

We all love our cars and trucks but when something goes wrong repairs can be costly. You might have found yourself wishing you knew how to make those little adjustments yourself to save some time and money. If you own a standard model, it might be easier than you think to perform two of the most common repairs.

Change Your Battery

Unlike with bigger issues, you don’t need to find used truck parts for sale to change your car’s battery. All you need to do is determine the size and power of your battery, then buy a compatible model. Usually this information is on the battery itself or in your car’s owner’s guide, but if not an auto parts store can help you determine it as well.

Once you have your battery, all you have to do is disconnect the old one and replace it with the new one. Unscrew the connection and replace them on the new battery to have a car that runs like new without the cost of labor.

Change Your Oil

Oil changes can get pricey quick, so knowing how to do it yourself could save $100 every few months. To change your oil, you’ll need to jack up your car so you can shimmy underneath it open the compartment and remove any old oil. You can let this oil fall onto a drip pan so you can easily dispose of it later.

Once you’ve emptied the container, you can change your oil filter and close it back up. Now you’re ready to fill it back up with the type of oil needed for your engine. It’s even easy to reset most oil indicator lights on your dashboard. Now you’ve taken a costly job and reduced it to just the cost of materials.

Taking care of your car can be easy if you’re willing to put in a little work.

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