Don’t want to think beyond perfection – Try BMW 5 Series Sedan



Luxury is something that has to be truly and completely about the BMW 5 Series and the BMW Sedan is no exception. The functionality, style coverage, and dynamics of the BMW 5 Series Sedan delight the BMW owners in a compelling and effortless synthesis. Let us read more about this stylish and royal car series.

The front seats of BMW 5 Series Sedan present an irresistible invitation to admirers of comfortable and smooth driving. The Dakota leather of the car seats is something you will truly admire in this spacious luxury car. If that was not all, the audio system of Sedan with a 6-CD changer and Hi-Fi loudspeaker system create a perfect ambience and its automatic air conditioning with enhanced features will give you endless reasons to have a long drive while the tires are busy climbing the roads.

Driving in the dark is not a problem with the BMW 5 Series Sedan as it comes with BMW night vision technology by which you can identify pedestrians or animals up to 300 meters ahead of the vehicle, through an infrared camera transmitting a clear and high-contrast image to the control display. This is not the only unique safety feature in the BMW Sedan as this luxury car protects front and rear occupants in a side impact via inflating side airbags besides a protective curtain airbag across the side windows.

The BMW 5 Series Sedan has standard runflat tyres that can drive long distances even after a puncture. In addition to that, a warning is issued by the vehicle driver by the standard Tyre Pressure Indicator (TPI) whenever there is a fall in tyre pressure.

All in all, there is no reason for you not to embrace the BMW 5 Series Sedan. After all, luxury and perfection are two things that will never let you down with the BMW 5 Series Sedan.

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