Car Safety: Technology Of The Future For Safer Roads

Mobility and road transport are two of the main lifeline of modern economies and contribute considerably to people’s well-being as well as maintaining constant economic growth. These are important elements that contribute to the social expansion of numerous countries all over the world.

A well designed and working transport system enhance access to education, healthcare, and markets efficiently and safely while reducing its undesirable environmental impacts. With an ever increasing number of fatalities and road accidents, it is imperative to find ways to ensure that they are minimized with the aim of saving human lives at all costs. One of the strategies that can be implemented to improve road safety is increasing the use of car technologies in our vehicles.

With the sole aim of saving human lives by avoiding road accidents and hitting innocent pedestrians, numerous car manufacturers like Ford and Cadillac with the help of computer giant Google, are focused on developing car technologies that will make you (the driver), passengers and pedestrians safe at all times. New car technologies are aimed to avoid over 1.25 million lives that are lost annually on our roads. These technologies ensure road safety improvement by collecting vehicle and road data, use of driving apps and internet connectivity to monitor and achieve complete road safety. Newer car versions come with new technologies, which not only help in reducing the chances of the car being involved in an accident but also saving the lives of the driver and any passengers. Below are some of the new car technologies used to improve safety and avoid collisions on our roads.

1. Car-to-Car Communication

As technology advances each day, self-driving vehicles must have a clear and consistent communication channel to ensure smooth driving operation. This communication technology is enhanced by the use of GPS coordinates and the latest sensor to locate and communicate with other cars. The technology can easily detect bicycles and pedestrians within a predetermined proximity and decrease the car’s speed to avoid any accident. Blind spot notification systems, heads-up display, and lane-assist are other new technologies that will help you in the future to have a safer and more enjoyable drive.

2. Integrated Braking Control System

The Integrated braking control system is being rolled out by major vehicle manufacturers in new car models and newer versions. The system has been specifically developed to support both semi-automated and conventional braking driving features. This new braking control system works by exploiting negative pressure generated by the air-intake system in the car’s engine that enhances the existing braking power.

3. Eye-Sight Driver Assist Program

The Eye-Sight Driver Assist Program employs the use of strategically placed cameras in the car to monitor the immediate driving conditions accurately. In the case of any imminent or potential collusion, the Driver Assist program will employ visual and audible notifications to inform you and help you make the best driving decision. It can also apply emergency automatic brakes when necessary, especially when the car in front of you comes to a sudden halt.

4. Driverless Cars

As the motor vehicle industry is focused on making better and safer roads through car technology, Driverless cars are one of the future technologies that are aimed at improving the safety levels on our roads. Google and Cadillacare are the two companies that are focusing on the Driverless technology and implementing it in most of their future car models. This technology also uses sensors and GPS coordination to relay real-time data to the car that includes immediate car surroundings, location and distance of other cars, the presence of pedestrians and the weather. This data will considerably help the car’s computer make the best driving decision to ensure it makes a successful trip from one location to the other as well as eliminating the chances of an accident occurring. Even though several driverless cars are being tested in several towns, they are still a few years of being perfect driverless cars.

By implementing the latest and perfected car technologies in all future cars by car manufacturers all over the world, it will drastically help to curb road accidents. These technologies will lead to the reduction of collisions and pedestrian accidents as the car will have better real-time information to help you make the best driving decision when necessary. In the end, cars with safety technologies will save your life, your passenger’s life and the cyclist or pedestrian who is walking by the roadside.

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