A Viable Alternative to Conventional Parking Garages

One of the problems that large cities deal with is the need for more parking. A typical ramp-style parking garage requires a lot of space. In addition, much of the congestion in cities is due to drivers looking for a place to park. Drivers can waste as much as 10 to 15 minutes looking for a space and leaving the garage for their destination. Is there a solution?

Automated Parking Systems

One solution that has several benefits is an automated parking garage. Autonomous or self-contained systems allow more vehicles to be parked in half the space that would be required for a ramp-style garage. Because less space is needed for parking, the buildings can also utilize space for offices, residences, or retail stores. One example of a company offering robotic parking is Unitronics.

In addition to creating more space, this type of parking offers benefits for drivers. They are in and out of their cars in a few minutes. They do not have to spend time looking for a parking space and looking for the nearest exit. It is a matter of entering the garage, exiting the vehicle and locking it, and pushing a couple of buttons on an automated terminal.

Because no one is in the parking garage, your car is more secure. There are no worries about break-ins. You also do not have to worry about someone hitting your vehicle and driving off leaving you with the damages.

The reduction in pollution is another benefit. The vehicles are not driven inside the building so this decreases engine emissions. This means the need for ventilation is minimal. It also reduces the need for lighting, and this reduces energy costs.

A savings is also realized on insurance and the cost of employing people to park the vehicles. Automated parking garages can be designed to provide the same look as nearby building so they blend in well. Even if they are located in a historical district, it is possible to use similar materials so the parking garages are compatible with other buildings.

Since the garages are primarily based on electronics, there is the possibility of failure. However, backup systems are provided. In some cases, the garages have up to four backup systems so this reduces the chance of complete failure. Construction time is significantly reduced, and the automated garages provide a very practical solution to conventional parking garages.

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