Description Infiniti QX56


Five star car. Infiniti QX56 – the only one of the family of Infiniti, which is made ??in America at the plant «Nissan Canton», located in the state of Mississippi. This car is available from 2004, and in 2006 it was upgraded. The first copies QX56 found its fans in Russia, not only because they have a large size and excellent performance, but also due to a serious look and incredible comfort level. Now this car is no longer exotic, since 2007, it was officially sold in Russia. Close relatives of the Infiniti QX56 – Nissan Armada full-size pickup and Nissan Titan. new SUV has solid size, but that does not stop him from being a vehicle with excellent control and decent agility on the road. The model can be equipped with both rear-and all-wheel drive. Only one engine option – V8 of 5.6 liters and 315 hp Despite the fairly large engine capacity, is among them almost like a car and it was not heard in the cabin while driving. In this important achievement of the highest level of sound insulation. And not always mean big clumsy and slow. Infiniti QX56 seven-mass of 2.7 tonnes and a length of five meters, if necessary, can go very quickly. 

Since the start will be only about 8 seconds and the speedometer shows the first “hundred”, and in a few seconds, she would come up to the next 100 km / h Superb ground clearance of about 270 mm, gives a huge scope for movement. With its impressive giant size QX56 SUV at the most discreet way. He did not resent his appearance and does not create the complex, and the more accidents. If, for example, from the Hummer H2 and Toyota Land Cruiser avtomobilchiki little scared shy aside, Infiniti QX56 they politely give way. free space on the first row of seats, more than enough, both front seats well regulated in a variety of ranges. But the best place is still in the second row, because instead of a solid sofa there are separate seats for two passengers, and a good distance to the front seats will comfortably accommodate the second row even a man with a basketball growth. Adds comfort rear suspension, which is beautifully handles road irregularities, and, moreover, in the ceiling of the front seats mounted LCD monitor, which will help to brighten the journey. Infiniti QX56 interior creates an atmosphere of extraordinary comfort, surrounded by luxury. Leather interior equipped with climate control, trip computer, dual-channel premium audio system, information and entertainment center with DVD-player, a ventilation hatch with automatic opening, electrically heated seats, electrically operated and heated exterior mirrors. Quality plastic combined with inserts of wood perfectly complement the interior Infiniti QX56. For convenience, the driver has cruise control, rear view camera and a monitor which displays the navigation map or other relevant information. Rim steering “donut” with wood with leather inserts that make your hands will not slip on the steering wheel if the driver prefers to ride without gloves. It is these small and discreet, at first glance, the details and create a certain style and elegance, which is so characteristic representation car.

Actually, all the decoration of this car is to please the driver and passengers and to provide comfort to any trip. Safety Infiniti QX56 ensure the most modern systems: braking system, which operates under braking on all wheels, three-point seat belts, two-stage air bags, filling level which is established in accordance with the force of impact. Solid body construction with ribbed interior preserves the integrity of the vehicle in a collision, and Dynamic Stability ensures that the desired path of movement during emergency rebuilding by reducing engine power and braking individual wheels. The creators of the car thoroughly worked over his safety by providing protivozanosnaya system and a tracking system for tire pressure. It’s hard enough to find a car with such a high degree of reliability and security as the QX56. This miracle of technology in terms of comfort and equipment, unusual appearance and chic interior decoration can be compared to a five-star hotel – the best just does not happen. Infiniti QX56 will appeal to those who appreciate the comfort, luxury and power of this SUV, and all those for whom quality and safety are not in last place. And the fact that all of these characteristics have QX56 is not in doubt.

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