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It got us to the test one of these monsters – Infiniti QX56. This Japanese American descent was originally created to meet the needs of North Americans, who have long proven their love for big cars. For several years, our roads and travel through a futuristic crossover FX, and the monster QX56, imported “gray” dealers.Popular brand has enabled Infiniti show good sales in the first year of its presence in the country.  Infiniti QX56 is essentially a full-sized SUV perelitsovannym double Nissan Armada , built on the platform frame F-Alfa, which is the basis of many “American” SUV produced by Nissan. The main feature of the platform A-Alfa is a structure consisting of three modules, which, in turn, may vary depending on the model. Architecture of the front end with two-lever suspension is the same for all avtomobley, middle can vary depending on the specific model of the wheelbase and the rear part is individual.
Skin and Infiniti QX56 insists on respect for this giant of even the most uncompromising road. The front end is crowned with a massive chrome grille with horizontal lines, rectangular head optics and a front bumper with integrated fog lamps. The huge hood, chrome trim on the side mirrors, powerful and at the same time smooth body lines highlight the power and status of this SUV. 20-inch wheels, LED rear lights and a massive roof rails give the athletic appearance.

Inside, everything is as befits a luxury car. Quality soft leather inserts and plenty of wood and aluminum, radiate generosity and create an atmosphere of luxury. Sometimes you start to forget that you are in a car, is primarily aimed at America. But in some places there is still a hard and rough to the touch plastic, which spoils the overall picture of the gloss and luxury – Americans are not too demanding on the quality of finishing materials. Soft front seats with 10 electroresettings driver and 8th – for the passenger are easy, but not distinguished lateral support. Perhaps it is not necessary – it would be desirable for such a car safely “go”, abstracted from all the worries and enjoy stunning sound entertainment system with 12-speaker company Bose. While the front racers enjoy music, the rear passengers can enjoy a DVD, using headphones, – located in the ceiling flap 8-inch monitor. The steering column is powered by the angle, and for greater convenience and equipped with electric pedals. crowned the front panel is a color display, which displays the data the audio system, climate control, trip computer and other settings of the car. At the bottom of the center console are analog clocks, which are branded “counter” brand Infiniti.Dashboard Fine Vision (Optitron analogue at Lexus ) has an excellent and informative addition to the traditional indicators displays oil temperature and battery level. Among the other benefits of civilization should be allocated heated steering wheel, climate control with separate control in the back of the car, the system of “smart key”, electric sunroof, and memory settings, the driver’s seat, pedals and outside mirrors. Parking is provided for the convenience of the front and rear parking sensors and a rearview camera, a color image which is transmitted to the 7-inch screen in front of the console. Given the size of this giant, it is not too much.

QX56 seven-passenger cabin is very spacious. The second row of seats is made in the form of a pair of separate seats, each with its own armrest. Between the seats are roomy cabinet, which can be used as a table and a box for storage of different things. Stock for the legs on the third row seats also abound, but the tall man there better not get in – it will prop up the knees chin. During decomposition seat trunk volume is modest – only 232 liters. If desired, a third row of seats can be folded using an electric on 40/60 – with the net volume increases to 642 liters. And if that’s not enough, it can be folded and the second row seat, increasing the space to 1160 liters. Luggage cover are motorized, and for easy loading of small things glass tailgate can be opened separately.

As the name of the model, Infiniti QX56 is equipped with a 5.6-liter engine capacity of 325 liters. with.Eight-monster, which develops torque of 533 Nm, accelerates the 2.5-ton SUV to 100 km / h in 7.8 seconds. The engine provides excellent traction throughout the rev range, and the electronic drive system of gas drive-by-wire facilitates immediate reaction to the gas pedal. Good traction due to the large volume, as well as the fact that 90% of the torque is achieved at 2100 rev. / Min. A five-speed automatic transmission is fast response and smooth shifting. Fuel consumption in the city kept at 23-25 ??liters per 100 km, and go on the road, we were pleasantly surprised – only 14.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

Behavior on the road did not bring any surprises. Infiniti QX56 rides, as befits a large RAMS SUV with a powerful motor. Direct keeps excellent, without requiring extra podrulivany. Top speed is limited at around 180 km / h, although the power ratings and suspension setup feels a considerable margin.Cornering is accompanied by decent rolls and braking – strong pecks. Smooth running at altitude, the track is a pleasure to drive, but the waves of asphalt appears rather large transverse swinging. Despite this, the average pit accompanied by strong shocks, bumps and more vibrates the whole salon.

But what is the sound of the engine! 5.6-liter V8 just sings, and the song is all the power and drive a large SUV. System All-Mode 4WD, fitted as standard on all QX56, automatically distributes torque between the axles when the road conditions (up to 50% of torque can be supplied to the drive wheels). If necessary, the center differential can be locked, and to include a lower gear. Transverse differential lock is not here. Honestly, try Infiniti QX56 for serious off-road we could not. For blurred ruts average roughness, the ups and downs of the “off-road” set is enough.

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