History of Infiniti QX56. Part 2


Infiniti QX40

Infiniti did not stop the production of the sedan and coupe, and the range of Japanese cars was expanded SUV. In 1997, the car Infiniti QH40. It was a chic all-wheel drive version of the Nissan Terano. Infiniti QH4 released within seven years. His 168 strong 3.3 liter engine hardly gave failures. However, competitors are moving forward, and the engineers had to produce a new Infiniti car.

Infiniti FX

So the car was Infiniti FX. This SUV, which was introduced in 2001. Vtorotsy car prototype appeared in 2002, and he was as close to a production version. The very same production version of Infiniti FX has been shown to buyers at the 2003 Detroit auto show. In essence, Infiniti FX became the typical SUV. That is, off-road vehicles and capacity. This car is ideal for those who lead an active life.

In the Infiniti FX series includes two models. This FX35, the machine is equipped with V shaped “six”, obemy with 3.5 liters and power of 280 hp and FX45, which has as much, but 4.5 displacement motor. Both the first and second version provides the driver a confident and powerful acceleration, as well as, solid stock traction on virtually any speed.


Infinity QX56

However, competitors continued to “step on the toes» Infinity, Japanese and presented to the world its next product – the car Infinity QX56. This SUV was first released in 2004 in two versions – all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive cars. Dimensions of the car were inspiring. Under the hood hid 5.6 liter V twin engine, which issued 315 horses. And for the driver’s seat comfortably accommodated two rows of seats.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Infinity QX56 very quickly came to a high level, thus greatly raising the bar for competitors. Expanded lineup though slowly, but quite surely. And the quality of cars has always been on top. However, Nissan has been exposed to “stream” of the crisis, and its financial problems could not be reflected in the subsidiary – Infinity. However, when the 2005 guide was Carlos Ghosn, things went up.

The first thing Carlos – has given the task to develop a radically new and unique design of the car. It is this decision appeared car Infinity G35. Carlos is convinced that this car has laid the foundation for today’s success of Infinity. In fact, Infinity G30 has become the most successful model in the history of the company. Today, this model is available in two versions – coupe and sedan. For this model, followed by many others. This M35/M45, which began to be sold in 2005, and the G37, which has become a strategic innovation and other corporations. By the way, Infinity G37 before its launch has won several awards and were sold.

Infinity company continues to upgrade its models today. In April 2010, was presented to a full-size SUV – Infiniti QX second generation. This is a huge SUV, weighing nearly 3,000 pounds, equipped with 5.6 liter engine capacity. 300kW. Because the car has a 7-speed automatic transmission, power car has increased by 25 percent, while expenses decreased by 7. Despite the fact that this SUV has impressive size and heavy weight, it does not bother him to be moving on the road.

Today, luxury car brand Infiniti sold in many developed countries. This is the United States and Canada, Mexico, Middle East, South Korea, Taiwan, and of course Russia and Ukraine. Since the foundation in 1989 of the Infiniti goal Corporation sold more than one million cars Infiniti, and it is not the limit. Employees holding very carefully develop each model Infiniti, relax and do not give competitors. Older models are modernized and win every year more and more customers.

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