3 Reasons To Use An Indoor Cover On Your Garaged Car

3 Reasons To Use An Indoor Cover On Your Garaged Car

If you are fortunate and have a garage or a covered area to store your car, you should recognize that you are likely ahead of most other auto enthusiasts. Parking a car out of the elements is a great way to avoid the detrimental impact of dirt, grime, acid rain, and organic debris that find every nook and cranny on a car prior to decomposing.

However, it is still essential to protect a vehicle when it is stored indoors.  Read on to learn more about the three primary reasons it is a prudent idea to use a car cover when keeping your vehicle indoors.

3 Reasons to Cover Your Garaged Car

Preliminarily, it is essential to note that there are two fundamental types of car covers – one designed for outside use and another kind explicitly designed for indoor use. The outdoor car cover will generally be stronger and thicker (to offer higher levels of protection), with the indoor car cover constructed of a lighter weight material, which makes it less costly and much simpler to store when the cover is not in use.

Eliminates Potential Damage that Airborne Moisture Causes

Under very humid conditions – in or outside a garage, a thin condensation haze may form on the car. This condensation can cause discoloration, pitting, or damage to chrome surfaces. A breathable indoor cover will prevent airborne moisture from settling on the car by allowing the moisture to evaporate.

If the car is housed near the shore or ocean, the salt spray from the ocean combines with moisture to create a corrosive and damaging force. Even those cars or vehicles stored indoors are still vulnerable to airborne moisture. The reality is a breathable indoor car cover is a great alternative.

Eliminates Dust & Pollen from Settling on the Car

Unless you are lucky (and wealthy) enough to have a garage that can be hermetically sealed, a vehicle will always have dust and pollen settling on it throughout each season. This problem is further compounded by machinery – like a leaf blower or a lawnmower, that creates visible dust clouds over and around your car when used nearby.

The pollen produced by springtime blossoms is markedly pervasive as its consistency is quite fine and challenging to wipe off the car completely.

Damage From Items Stored Near Your Vehicle

While a car stored in a garage is protected from dirt and falling tree limbs, etc., it is also vulnerable to getting dinged by the nearby storage of a bicycle or other sports or lawn equipment. This is especially true for cars stored in overcrowded garages where space is tight, and a scratch or ding risk is relatively high.

An indoor car cover is a simple, cost-effective way to protect your investment. 

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