A participant to a press event by Toyota Motor Corp. puts a quick charger plug into the newly-developed compact electric vehicle "eQ" during a test drive at a press event in Tokyo Monday, Sept. 24, 2012. Toyota is boosting its green vehicle lineup, with plans for 21 new hybrids in the next three years, a new electric car later this year and a fuel cell vehicle by 2015 in response to growing demand for fuel efficient and environmentally friendly driving. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

Looking at the pace with which the fossil fuels are extracted and used, we can say there is that here not much time left for the fossil fuels to extinguish. What then, how will you drive your car, or how will you go to your office. We’ll many automobile production firms have realized it quite earlier.

Almost in every form vehicles like sports cars, sedans or bus people are try to work upon their concept models.

In America Tesla motors have developed an electric roadster and international celebrity like Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor and presently governor of California) has appreciated it. Well this car deserves it as it can achieve the speed of100 kilometer per hour in 10 seconds and can reach the speed of 200 kilometer per hour. This roadster drives on lithium ion battery which when ones charged can easily make the car run up to 350 km.

An Indian automobile firm TATA motors who are the new owners of world famous like Jaguar and Land rover, are working on electric version of its certain models.

Many nations have also come up and joined their hands to promote electric motors RENAULT French automobile firm have patched up with Israeli government for promoting electric cars in the nation. A similar alliance is done between NISSAN and Denmark government. NISSAN motors have build up a complete range of electric cars after analyzing their demand in near future. An American firm General motors have developed electric version of its Chevrolet Aveo model and looking at the appreciation it have got they have increased it production for future demand.

An electric car can never give you the feel of petrol or any other fossil fuel based cars may be later on after some years it may have that quality too but not presently. Any how electric or alternative fuel car has its own benefits. From the environment point of view its best cause there are no pollutant residue.

Although they are bit costly but in the long run they tends to be cheaper as they have low maintenance cost more over driving cost is low or negligible, in approximation we can say that it is around .01 dollars per kilometer .These cars have also been tested under water conditions and have performed well so we can say.

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