What is Best About a KIA

What is Best About a KIA

When you hear the word KIA, a noteworthy cringe may come to mind. That is because when Kia entered the U.S. car market it did not enter with thunderous applause. Known as cheaply made cars, KIA Motors struggled. Now, 30 years later, KIA has made drastic improvements to their cars. Considered geared up to play with the competition in manufactured structure and reliability. Here are some of their crème of la crème top.

KIA Telluride

It is a rather new release from KIA. It has received great praise among its SUV lines and is one of the top SUVs on the list of SUVs.

KIA Optima

While the Optima’s debut was less than stellar, to put it kindly. It was constantly bombarded with issues. KIA then took the Optima, reformatting it to its fullest protentional. Thus, bringing out improved models with each generation being better.

KIA Sportage

The KIA Sportage was KIA’s Signature SUV before the Telluride. Like the Optima, it was known for being a cheaply made car that had a slew of mechanical issues that left car lots with a bunch of KIA Sportage SUVs no one wanted. Again, like the Optima, the KIA Sportage rose from the ashes, now considered to be one of their most reliable models. As a bonus, they are quite affordable, and if anything goes wrong, it goes to a KIA service shop like at a KIA service Santa Ana shop, where the cost of fixing them won’t hurt your wallet.

Affordability Reliability

While KIA’s goal might have been affordability and reliability, it soon got a bad reputation for poorly crafted cars. Everyone deserves a second chance though, and KIA did it right. KIA is now known to be ideal for those who are looking for a reliable and affordable car that will stand up to the miles with little to low maintenance.

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