The Many Ways People Use a VIN Sticker

Although many people think that a VIN sticker only benefits car manufacturers, it provides a number of great advantages in a variety of situations. The information on the sticker helps buyers, sellers, mechanics, cops, and more.

Practical Advantages

When customers shop for cars, they always review the VIN numbers because the data helps them determine whether or not the mechanical components are in good condition. Other vital information can be gathered if a fee is paid while commercial services are used. A typical report may include data that highlights:

  • The number of owners
  • The last inspection
  • Accident reports

Crucial information that benefits people who collect classic cars can be compiled by using a VIN number as well. For example, if a collector needs a vehicle that hasn’t reached a certain number of miles, it can be found easily after a variety of VIN numbers are entered into proper databases.

Theft Prevention

A VIN sticker is a highly efficient tool that prevents theft because the data that it provides can make it tougher for a thief to resell a car. When someone retrieves data about a vehicle that has stolen, the details will be displayed when a VIN application brings back the report.

Because thieves are smart, they always find new ways to make a fake VIN sticker. To possibly prevent fraudulent situations, a potential buyer must understand the most common ways criminals clone and change a VIN sticker.

VIN Cloning and Modifying

Cloning can be quite effective since it’s tough to detect. Many thieves obtain VIN numbers and clone them by peeling stickers off of old vehicles that are stored at junk yards. They also take notes while inspecting the stickers on cars on parking lots and at local dealerships. When VIN numbers are modified, other steps that taken. This approach is riskier because a criminal must remove the sticker, destroy it, and change the information.

In order to avoid VIN fraud, shoppers must use caution during buying situations when a seller only communicates with a cell phone. An insurer can also help deter fraud by running a scan for clones in a special database.

Overall, VIN stickers are very important because they help consumers and law officers tackle vital tasks. Fraud can be a problem in some communities, but there are easy ways to detect fake stickers.

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