Renault to Show Samsung SM7 Concept at Seoul Motor Show

Renault to Show Samsung SM7 Concept at Seoul Motor Show

For several years ago, the Renault Samsung Motors has attracted car lovers’ attention from all over the world, mainly because of this manufacturer has always made it to create stunning car concept. Nowadays, the South Korean brand seems to be ready to compete in car market battlefield again. Recently, the brand announced the concept of Renault Samsung SM7 next generation. Renault Samsung Motors has now officially announced its Samsung SM7 concept car.

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Renault Samsung SM7 is titled as next generation automotive, as it really is meant to replace the mid-size sedan SM7 luxury, which has been previously manufactured and released. The predecessor of the new Renault Samsung Motors’ car is built on Nissan J31 platform. The international premiere of Renault SM7 concept has actually held several years ago, in 2004; indeed, the manufacturer did not choose an International motor show event to announce the car’s concept.

However, it was reported that the new model of Samsung SM7 Concept would make its first debut in Seoul Motor Show this year. The Motor Show is going to hold in the Korean capital, from April 1 to 10. The official images of the car have now widely spread in the cyber world, in which people will find out that the two-seater sport car comes with aggressive design. However, the manufacturer has not announced the specifications and features of the Renault Samsung SM7 Concept.

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