Wet Driving Requires More Care


Driving in the rain on water soaked roads is dangerous. This is not only more dangerous because of increased stopping distances, but also other factors come into play. The vision of drivers will be reduced in rain. Falling rain do affect the view through windows, in spite of the wipers being turned on. The windscreen washer reservoir must be kept full and should have a good windscreen washer fluid while driving in rain. To de-mist the windscreen, just turn on the heater fan.Driving in the rain on water soaked roads is dangerous. Read more



China have been known for producing cheap electronic goods .Now she have some thing new for the world. Chinese cars are ready to enter into the global market. So many of usdisplay and  who have no treasure and wants to have good looking car, china is giving us an option by its cheap cars. Many of these cars are look alike of other international cars loaded with high-tech electronic gadgets you might even find a similar name with a simple change in its spelling. Recently in many international auto shows Chinese car have been on display and they have been appreciated a lot. Read more

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