How to Sell Your Classic or Vintage Car


Classic and vintage cars are popular with shoppers of all ages. Younger people love the sleek and sporty cars from manufacturers like Mini Cooper, while those of an older age often prefer more standard luxury automobiles like a BMW or Austin Healy. As much as you love your older car, there may come a time when you decide to put it up for sale. You may need money for your child’s college or wedding, need more space in your garage or just don’t have enough time to drive it. The best way to sell that vehicle depends on its overall condition and rarity.

At Auction

Classic car auctions take place a few times a year and bring together those who love American and European classic cars. The Barrett-Jackson Auction Company is one of the most recognizable of those auction houses. While thousands of people bid on these cars online, over the phone or in person, the auctions are generally best for vehicles in near perfect condition and hard to find vehicles. Auctions also charge a fee for selling, and if you sell at a smaller auction, you may not get the price you want.

On Your Own

Selling a vintage car on your own is a great idea when you have a set price in mind and have the time to advertise that vehicle. There are dozens of sites that let you list your car online. You’ll need clear photographs of the car and a description that goes over its condition and any other information buyers will want to know. Selling online is also a great way to find buyers interested in beaters or junkers. Even if your car isn’t in great condition or needs a significant amount of work, a buyer might want that car.

To a Reseller

When you want to get rid of your classic car without dealing with bidders or waiting to find the right buyer, consider going through a reseller. A reseller is someone who buys cars and sells those cars to others. The buyer may do some cosmetic repairs or put some work in to get the engine up and running. While you won’t get top dollar, you’ll get that car sold fast. Selling a vintage or classic car is easy when you do it on your own, put the car up for auction or sell to a reseller.

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