How To Buy a Restored Bultaco

How To Buy a Restored Bultaco

If you’re motorcycle aficionado, finding a restored Bultaco for sale will make your heart flutter. Bultaco is Spain’s iconic motorcycle, produced between 1958 and 1983 in the motorcycle company’s Barcelona factory.

For 25 years, the Bultaco factory turned out motorcycles that captured the hearts of motorcyclists worldwide. From its first road model, the popular Tralla, to its competitive Sherpa T trials bike, Bultaco motorcycles were renowned for their durability, reliability, and simplicity and dominated national and international racing events.

Find a Good Restoration

A restored Bultaco is a true treasure, a piece of history, but care should be taken in evaluating the restoration. By definition, restoration is taking something that is old, used, and in questionable condition and returning it to its original condition. A good restoration takes time, diligence, and patience, and can be expensive in most cases.

Check the Parts

One of the biggest challenges faced by motorcycle restorers is finding original parts. This is especially true with older motorcycles and when the manufacturer has gone out of business. In some cases, substitute parts may have to be used instead of original parts.

If you’re considering buying a restored bike, get a complete parts list that shows both original and substitute parts in the event you have to replace something later on. A professional restorer will usually have photos and a history documenting the restoration. You’ll want to get a copy of this.

Get an Original Title

To protect your investment, don’t buy a restored motorcycle without a proper title. The title should be original, not a duplicate, and the VIN number on the title should match the number on the motorcycle’s frame. The person’s name you’re buying from should also be on the title.

In 2014, Bultaco reopened its factory and began production of a new series of electric off-road motorcycles. With the name Brinco, these bikes are a cross between a trials motorcycle and a mountain bike, building on the reputation of the original Bultaco bikes.

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