History of Infiniti QX, and not only


Nissan produced inexpensive but quality cars. They worked well, but could not compete with companies that produce so-called “luxury” cars. Naturally, over time the company faced the task of creating a unit that would find its niche in the market of prestigious and expensive cars.


In the mid 80-x, under strict secrecy, Nissan Motor begins to design and develop a radically new production car class “luxury”. Around the same time a similar problem is solved main competitor – Toyota. The situation about the authorship of this idea is very vague, but in 1989 almost simultaneously presented models InfinitiQ45 (from Nissan) and Lexus LS 400 (Toyota), created on the basis of prototype ideas.


In autumn 1996, is published in the original version of the Infiniti Q45, with an updated interior and exterior design, V-shaped 8-cylinder power unit working volume of 4.1 liters. Just Infiniti adds to its range of off-road vehicles QX4 – a luxury version of the model with a Nissan Terrano 4-wheel drive.


Produced a compact version of the model Infiniti G20 with front-wheel drive, is powered by Nissan Primera.G20 started using stable popularity among Americans with average incomes. At Infiniti G20 was a two-liter engine with 140 hp

G20 on the idea was to be the rival BMW 3-series, but due to the low power engine lost “Bavarian.” Dealers believed that the G20 – a car for business women of middle age, but in the end, this sedan has not received a high popularity in the market of new cars, as buyers will gladly made the choice to model Acura Integra, which cost the same. Plus, customers are reluctant to take the model, based on a model Nissan Maxima I30 and J30.


The audience is a magnificent Infiniti I30 (platform Cefiro / Maxima). In consequence of the Infiniti I30 was recognized as one of the best modern cars the North American market. Harakterinye for Infiniti luxury interior and ideal settings chassis complemented 240-hp three-liter engine, which allows to accelerate to 100 km / h in 7.7 seconds. In Europe, the Infiniti I30 officially delivered.


In 2000 the company was reviewing its marketing strategy. Infiniti rebuilding production to dynamic and powerful luxury cars. Car and Driver magazine noted that the Infiniti invited all experts in the automotive industry to the presentation of its new concept, provozgolsiv slogan: “You better not look in the direction BMW». This idea began with a completely new model Q45


At the New York auto show presentation Infiniti Q45. Massive and simultaneously aggressive body design emphasizes the respectability of the car. Features and original solutions Infiniti Q45 were large trapezoidal headlights, wide chrome grille trim and a very high line side glass. The interior is finished with high quality materials of leather and wood. Rear-wheel drive models are equipped with an adaptive automatic transmission and power unit V8 (280 hp).


In 2003, came out Infiniti G35, which is again a market located in the brand. Founded on the basis of Nissan Skyline, the car “fall in love with” a large number of motorists, for which he won a car Year by Motor Trend in 2003. FX35/45 crossover success also joined G35. FX has been built on the same platform as the G, but has been revamped to the tastes of Americans. He has combined the power of a sports car with the versatility of a family car. Automobile manufacturers in a few years and the proven success of FX began producing cars takgo same class. Also at the Detroit Motor Show the audience was presented a concept car of the computer age Infiniti Triant, created with the use of aggregate base Infiniti FX.


In 2004, Infiniti released the all-wheel drive sedan version G35, to create competition wheel drive sedans from Audi and BMW.


In 2006, the model M35/45 replaces the company’s flagship – Q45. Sales of Infiniti continues to grow, and is constantly updated at the beginning of April the company introduced an updated version of the G35, which is called the G37.

Development Infiniti does not stand still, and since 2008 the company plans to release updated versions of other models. Nowadays range of Infiniti looks like this:

  • Infiniti EX35 (crossover-coupe)
  • Infiniti FX35/FX45 (Crossover)
  • Infiniti G20/G35 (Sedan middle class)
  • Infiniti G35/37 coupe (coupe)
  • Infiniti I30/I35 (Sedan)
  • Infiniti J30 (Sedan)
  • Infiniti M35/M45 (business class sedan)
  • Infiniti Q45 (large sedan)
  • Infiniti QX4/QX56 (Premium SUV)
  • Infiniti Triant (futuristic sports coupe)
  • Infiniti Kuraza Concept (concept car six-seater SUV)
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