Practical Information



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Access to the Venue

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Access Badge

For environmental reasons we are not sending out badges. In order to register, you must complete your online registration form. Once you have completed your registration, a confirmation will be e-mailed to you with your e-ticket.


In order to enter the competition venue, you simply need to print this confirmation and make sure the barcode is well printed. Bring this confirmation with you to the event. Upon arrival, the barcode will be scanned and the badge will automatically be printed. Only this will allow access to EuroSkills Spa-Francorchamps 2012.




The opening ceremony will take place on the 3rd of october 2012 and the closing ceremony will take place on the 7th of october 2012.


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Culture and local info

In Belgium you have to pay with EUROS. One can easily go to an ATM to get money 24 hours a day. Always make sure that you ask beforehand if a credit card is accepted if you go to a restaurant for example.

Tipping is never mandatory! It is seen as a bonus if you think the service was of a high quality. Taxi drivers or hotel employees, however, expect to receive a little bonus. In restaurants and cafés, people usually round up their bills. (E.g. if you have to pay €19,75 you can pay €20.)


There are no fixed opening hours for stores. The most common opening hours are from 09.00 till 18.00. Some stores close between 12.00 and 14.00 because of a lunch break. The opening hours for museums and other attractions vary significantly so always check the opening hours of that particular place you want to visit.


The Belgian climate, like most of northwest Europe, is maritime temperate, with significant precipitation in all seasons (Köppen climate classification: Cfb). The average temperature is 3 °C in January, and 18 °C in July; the average precipitation is 65 mm in January, and 78 mm in July.

Belgium has mild winters and cool summers and is rainy, humid and cloudy. Throughout the month of October daytime temperatures will generally reach highs of around 12°C. At night the average minimum temperature drops down to around 7°C.

Please also consider that it rains a lot in Belgium. It may rain during the competition and as most of it takes place outside we strongly advise you to take a waterproof coat and/or an umbrella.



Data Protection

Your personal information provided during registration will be held on a database. The e-mail addresses will be used to send confirmations and last minute details as well as information related to WorldSkills Europe and EuroSkills 2012 meetings and events.

Partners of EuroSkills 2012 may contact you regarding information they feel you might find useful. If you do not wish to be contacted by third parties, you can opt out by checking the box under Data Privacy in the online registration form.




In Belgium the power supply is 220V just as in most other European countries.

Entry to the Competition’s Venue

The EuroSkills 2012 Organisers will make every effort in order to grant entry to the event given: a registration has been made using the online system; the visitor is in possession of a registration confirmation; it may be necessary to refuse entry on the basis of venue capacity.


Entry to the event is subject to a security search and check for all visitors.

Visitors must remain within permitted areas and must adhere to EuroSkills Spa-Francorchamps 2012 procedures, guidelines, terms & conditions at all times during their visit.

Visitors must keep personal belongings with them at all times. EuroSkills 2012 accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to any personal items.

EuroSkills 2012 reserves the right to refuse entry on to or remove from the event or the vicinity any visitor who:

–        is not wearing an event visitor badge;

–        behaves in a manner which, in the opinion of EuroSkills 2012 has, or is likely to affect the safety or enjoyment of other visitors;

–        uses threatening, annoying, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or in any way provokes or behaves in a manner which may cause a disturbance of the peace;

–        appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

–        is found in possession of drugs or alcohol;

–        is found in possession of offensive weapons or dangerous articles (it is prohibited to take to the event any weapons, fireworks, smoke bombs, glass bottles, flammable liquids or other articles, which may cause injury; in addition, the throwing of any article which could cause injury or annoyance is strictly prohibited);

–        is found smoking inside the event venue or in any space designated as a ‘no smoking’ area;

–        has brought a dog or any other live animal with them.

EuroSkills 2012 reserves the right to refuse entry to the event without reason or justification.




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Liability and Insurance

The registrations do not include the insurance of participants against personal accidents, sickness and cancellations by any party, theft, loss or damage to personal possessions. Participants are advised to take out adequate personal insurance to cover travel, accommodation, cancellation and personal effects. Neither the Hospitality Agency (Mindstream) nor WorldSkills Europe and EuroSkills 2012 will take any responsibility for any participant failing to insure.



Medical care

The Belgian health system is famous in the world as a center of excellence for health care. This has resulted in exceptionally high standards throughout Belgium. Many Belgian doctors speak English or at least understand it reasonably well, as medical training in the region often involves the use of English-language text books or periods of study in the UK or USA.

The emergency number is 100 (Belgian) or 112 (European) from any public or private phone or mobile phone.




Ahn R                        +32 (0) 87 77 51 50

Rue de la Gare 10 – 4900 Spa

Kerzmann R          +32 (0) 87 77 35 16

Avenue de la Bovière 19 – 4900 Spa

Léger J                     +32 (0) 87 77 24 75

Boulevard des Guérets 32 – 4900 Spa

Lespagnard J       +32 (0) 87 77 40 47

Avenue Léopold II 15 – 4900 Spa

Bertholet M        +32 (0) 87 77 32 95

Chemin sous les Feuillages 11 – 4900 Spa



Angenot Ph            +32 (0) 87 21 20 20

Rue de l’Union 16 – 4800 Verviers

Lardinois F              +32 (0) 87 21 21 11

Rue du Parc 29 – 4800 Verviers

Descamps M         +32 (0) 87 22 98 17

Rue du Parc 16 – 4800 Verviers

Dessart E                 +32 (0) 87 33 74 58

Rue Laoureux 18 – 4800 Verviers



Ramioul L                +32 (0) 80 21 61 95

Avenue de la Salm 44 – 6690 Vielsalm

Peltier A +32 (0) 80 21 49 53

Neuville 6 – 6690 Vielsalm

Piter Jean                +32 (0) 80 21 76 60

Rue de la Bouvière 23 – 6690 Vielsalm

Delcominette J-P+32 (0) 80 21 41 84

Rue du Parc 7 – 6690 Vielsalm




Renard F                +32 (0) 87 77 10 77

Avenue Reine Astrid 1 – 4900 Spa

Rigo F                      +32 (0) 87 77 10 85

Rue Servais 31 – 4900 Spa

Multipharma      +32 (0) 87 77 22 10

Place Verte 44 – 4900 Spa

V.Pharma             +32 (0) 87 77 13 80

Place du Monument 25 – 4900 Spa

Courbe                   +32 (0) 87 77 19 91

Rue du Wauxhall 42 – 4900 Spa



V.Pharma               +32 (0) 87 32 29 70

Rue de Mangombroux 161 – 4800 Verviers

Guillissen C             +32 (0) 87 33 04 11

Pont du Chêne 4 – 4800 Verviers

Pharmacie Palais+32 (0) 87 22 23 81

Rue du Palais 46 – 4800 Verviers

Demonceau           +32 (0) 87 22 46 02

Place d’Arles 4 – 4800 Verviers



Heeren-Segers      +32 (0) 80 21 72 08

Place Paulin Moxhet 6 – 6690 Vielsalm

Triffaux B                 +32 (0) 80 21 54 36

Avenue de la Résistance 19 – 6698 Grand-Halleux (Vielsalm)

Ledent-Iovine        +32 (0) 80 21 72 17

Rue du Vieux Marché 48 – 6690 Vielsalm



CH Peltzer-La Tourelle+32 (0) 87 21 21 11

Rue du Parc 29
4800 Verviers

CHR de la Citadelle+32 (0) 4 225 61 11
Boulevard du 12e de Ligne 1
4000 Liège
CHU de Liège Hôpital du Sart Tilman+32 (0) 4 366 71 11

Domaine Universitaire du Sart Tilman

Bâtiment B35
4000 Liège

Clinique Reine Astrid+32 (0) 80 79 31 11

Rue Devant les Religieuses 2
4960 Malmedy



Opening Hours

For the visitors, the competition site will be open between 9am and 6pm.

For the delegations and the exhibitors, the competition site will be open between 7am and 9pm.




  • The Parking P1 is for the bus
  • The Parking P2 + P15 is for the visitors
  • The Parking P14 is reserved to the Organization



For more information about the conferences and seminars, CurioCity and the Try a Trade, click here.




Registration/Accommodation/Information Desks

The registration desks will be open at the times indicated below:

Date Open Close
Thursday 4th October 2012 08:00 19:00
Friday 5th October 2012 08:00 19:00
Saturday 6th October 2012 08:00 17:00



Registration includes

-Admission to all areas of the event open to visitors during the days requested

-A badge/a bracelet



For information on where to eat in Spa, click here.




Entry to the event is subject to a security search and check for all visitors.



Talent Release/Photography and Video Recording

By registering to attend EuroSkills 2012, each participant (individual or group) gives permission to EuroSkills Spa-Francorchamps 2012, SkillsBelgium, WorldSkills Europe, WorldSkills Europe Member organisations to use any photos, videos and/or stills from the event in which any individual appears. These will be used for the promotion, publicity, and/or editorial purposes pertaining to vocational education and training and the promotion of WorldSkills and the Member organisation’s missions and objectives for worldwide distribution.


Should any visitor expressly refuse the above, they should make EuroSkills 2012 aware of this by contacting the EuroSkills 2012 Hospitality Agency (Mindstream) by e-mail at [email protected] in advance of the visit. Should there be any issues with this onsite, they should visit the EuroSkills 2012 desks in the registration area.



Please see the Transport tab, Individual Visitors section for more information or click here.

Time Zone

Spa is situated in the time zone CET +1. This is the same as Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Berlin.

Tourism and site seeing

For information on what activities and site seeing there is in Spa, click on the region tab.

The tourist office is situated:


4900 SPA
Tél : +32 (0) 87 79 53 53
Fax : +32 (0) 87 79 53 54
E-mail : [email protected]

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm

Saturday – Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm


Please see the Transport tab, Individual Visitors section for more information or click here.

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