A participant to a press event by Toyota Motor Corp. puts a quick charger plug into the newly-developed compact electric vehicle "eQ" during a test drive at a press event in Tokyo Monday, Sept. 24, 2012. Toyota is boosting its green vehicle lineup, with plans for 21 new hybrids in the next three years, a new electric car later this year and a fuel cell vehicle by 2015 in response to growing demand for fuel efficient and environmentally friendly driving. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

Looking at the pace with which the fossil fuels are extracted and used, we can say there is that here not much time left for the fossil fuels to extinguish. What then, how will you drive your car, or how will you go to your office. We’ll many automobile production firms have realized it quite earlier.

Almost in every form vehicles like sports cars, sedans or bus people are try to work upon their concept models. Read more

Volkswagen Polo – The Leader of all


If you are looking for not just a car but a dream car, the Volkswagen Polo is the best option for you. This affordable luxury car comes out to stun you with a combination of distinctive design, sporty looks, and a high performance engine that is very much capable of delivering fuel efficiency and power alike. Let us read more about this Volkswagen car to discover it in complete style. Read more

Wet Driving Requires More Care


Driving in the rain on water soaked roads is dangerous. This is not only more dangerous because of increased stopping distances, but also other factors come into play. The vision of drivers will be reduced in rain. Falling rain do affect the view through windows, in spite of the wipers being turned on. The windscreen washer reservoir must be kept full and should have a good windscreen washer fluid while driving in rain. To de-mist the windscreen, just turn on the heater fan.Driving in the rain on water soaked roads is dangerous. Read more

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