China have been known for producing cheap electronic goods .Now she have some thing new for the world. Chinese cars are ready to enter into the global market. So many of usdisplay and  who have no treasure and wants to have good looking car, china is giving us an option by its cheap cars. Many of these cars are look alike of other international cars loaded with high-tech electronic gadgets you might even find a similar name with a simple change in its spelling. Recently in many international auto shows Chinese car have been on display and they have been appreciated a lot.

Chinese car are known around the world for being eco friendly. China have done a considerable amount of research on cars running a battery and its result is the car like E6 from BYD. E6 is a five seat car with top speed of 160 kilometer per hour. This car takes only 10 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 kilometer per hour speed. It can be charged in 80 percent in just fifteen minutes and if charged fully then it can run 300 km and for charging it just requires a 220 power outlet.

It is said that in global market china will enter the market by Gilly Tiger (GT). Gilly GT has a sports car look. It was recently displayed in Beijing motor show in 2008. It is 4.9 meter long, it is said that it is inspired by international sports cars and seems to be like a mix up of many sports cars still it looks distinct. To maintain its uniqueness firm have reported that it will produce it in limited numbers.

Great wall automotives is a big firm in Chinese automobile industry it has planned to launch its pickup trucks in international market soon. But may have to change its name.

A1 company product sherry is another Chinese car known to global market. It falls in a small car segment. Sherry is a front wheel drive car available in 1.1 and 1.3 liter engine. It has already been successful in market like Russia. lifan -3 was presented in Detroit motor show liabao SUV kailine compact was appreciated a lot by the international automobile critics. It is particularly of the taste of Chevrolet and ford lovers and going to be hit amongst them. It have 320 horse power engine and have millage of 38 km per gallon, that’s what we actually expect from a Chinese car.

Chinese cars promises cars are as good looks with nice technological combination and loaded with enormous features but durability can not be expected. But what else do you expect in half the amount of other cars. Still it’s a good option for the ones who are bit short of money to have his own car or the Richie –rich who wishes to change his car every day.

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