A Viable Alternative to Conventional Parking Garages

One of the problems that large cities deal with is the need for more parking. A typical ramp-style parking garage requires a lot of space. In addition, much of the congestion in cities is due to drivers looking for a place to park. Drivers can waste as much as 10 to 15 minutes looking for a space and leaving the garage for their destination. Is there a solution? Read more

Test drive: Infiniti QX56

2012 Infiniti QX

Unremarkable childhood dream: one morning, suddenly determined to grow up, get big enough to let in the theater without the demand for “Legend of Narayame.” In Infinity QX56 great in many ways, can be just a couple of seconds – sat down and went. Then you will understand, does have a large and still be an adult.

Embarrassing to admit, but that day I was thinking only of its size. The fact thought he was great. That is good, though not at the rate of happiness. On that day, I was taking a long test drive Infinity QX56, Russified and an updated version before come to Russia transatlantic light tank company Nissan. Read more

Autoportal Presents the Long Term Report on Ford Figo

Ford Figo has been in the car market for quite some time and it has earned enough sales and appreciation by now. Figo was one of the first cars in the hatchback segment which delivers a rare combination of performance and power and is moreover affordable to the common man. It was first showcased at Delhi in September 2009 and was on roads by March 2010. It received a minor facelift in 2012. Ford again updated the Figo in 2014 to stand up against the intense competition in this segment. Let us see how the Figo has carried itself in the long run.

The first model was developed on the same platform used for Ford Fiesta and it had certain resemblance to the latter except for the front and rear. The second model, which came in 2012 featured a larger hexagonal grille and got redesigned head and tail lamps. The seats got new fabric and the steering wheels got mounted audio controls. The latest 2014 Figo model gets some external styling elements like alloy wheels and fog lamp bezels and also some added features like Wi-Fi. However the overall design and mechanics have remained same throughout all these face-lifts. And now, Ford is ready to bring in the Figo Ka concept hatchback with significant exterior, interior as well as mechanical changes. It was already showcased at the 2014 Motor Show. This will be the second generation Figo and car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for its arrival.

Ford Figo

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World Automobile Jeju Museum — the past, present and future of automobiles


Established in April 2008 and located on the South Korean island of Jeju, The World Automobile Jeju Museum offers visitors the chance to experience the past, present and future of automobiles all under one roof.

The first privately owned car museum in Asia, the museum boasts a collection of rare and unique automobiles from around the world brought together by its president Mr. Young-Rak Kim. Speaking about the reason behind museum, Mr. Kim explained, “The car museum was established for the children of the world. As adults we view cars as possessions, but to children cars can represent dreams and hopes. At the car museum children can learn about the mechanics of cars and about transportation culture. Those inspired children might become the scientists and engineers who make the cars of the future.”

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