History of Infiniti QX, and not only


Nissan produced inexpensive but quality cars. They worked well, but could not compete with companies that produce so-called “luxury” cars. Naturally, over time the company faced the task of creating a unit that would find its niche in the market of prestigious and expensive cars. Read more



Far more than 20 years, hosts of technicians have been spurred on by the dream of total safety on the road. The “S class” Mercedes with its life saving balloon bags was a techno logical milestone initially reserved for the rich. Today things have changed. Even small cars now have several airbags, both for the head and the rest of the body. The reason is simple. Read more

Suzuki Maruti Ritz aka splash-Endless reasons for complete satisfaction


Maruti Ritz aka splash has been one of the most successful cars in today’s automobile world. Available in three engine options of 1.0 L Petrol, 1.2 L Petrol, and 1.3 L diesel, the Maruti Ritz boasts of appealing looks, complete comfort, convenient car space, and great styling.

All the Ritz variants come with high-end vehicle features such as body colored bumpers, air conditioning and heating, power steering, and plush dashboard with SX4 like styling. This “big” luxury car comes with graceful curves and muscular styling; if that was not all to impress you, the Maruti Ritz also provides unique style statement and facelift with its large crystal headlights and grill. Read more

Hybrid Cars: Effective in Cutting Down Pollution


It was in 1905 for the first time an effort was made to use hybrid technology in cars. Energy saving efforts was not the prime focus of that time. But the efforts were to increase the speed from zero to twenty-five miles an hour in ten seconds. And sadly with in time this technology got approval, accelerators had already become a part of cars. Read more

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