Infiniti QX4 Car History


INFINITI QX4, four-wheel drive SUV, the version Nissan Terrano / Pathfinder for the U.S. market. Japanese Nissan Terrano SUV sold in the U.S. under the name of Nissan Pathfinder. American branch of the corporation Nissan Motors – Infinity – in 1996 introduced a more luxurious version of the SUV, called Infinity QX4. In the U.S., Infinity QX4 sold for 38-45 thousand dollars. Read more

Test-drive Infiniti QX56. Part 2


With the driver’s seat is more complicated. No space here that as well. The seat is very spacious and conveniently arranged in it can, as in your favorite chair watching television.Wheel handy, let control of switching tracks at first not at all clear (up – back down – forward).Functions of all kinds abound: from heating and cooling systems to chairs around view. The last option is really very useful: the system uses five cameras that are located around the perimeter of the car, and very helpful when parking or maneuvering at low speed in a confined space. It would seem, nothing to complain about. But its fly in the ointment here is: an awkward layout of the controls on some systems. Thus, the driver is quite difficult to reach the buttons off the air conditioner. Well, the “lamb”, the manager heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel and key, located in the very, very bottom of the center console to get impossible. It is, apart from the road, to reach somewhere in the bowels of the car.

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Test-drive Infiniti QX56


In the modern world the huge SUVs – separate caste cars. As suggested by the practice and feedback of many owners of such cars, excellent patency is now nothing more than an additional advantage you can flaunt on some rare departure for real off-road or over a glass of brandy, meryayas friends cars.
Most monstrous size cars for most of his life in the city, and the most serious obstacles to let them become curbs drifts. In the foreground, respectively, out design, comfort and interior. Fuel consumption, by the way, a strong argument for buying a huge SUV is also not the stickers «F ** k fuel economy» is still popular. Read more

Nissan skyline GTR car review

Nissan Skyline GT-R

Selecting to purchase a Nissan skyline is not for the faded heart. With two turbos, a wheel drive structure and difficult electronics, the GTR is a one that overloads your feeling. This car can make you frustrate in different ways because apart from the risk of a new driver in the overpowering vehicle, there is the truth that caring for the beasts can make a big dent in the purse. But the appealing feature of the Nissan GTR car is it offers excellent performance for these at cheap price, therefore interested persons become fanatical with owing one when these a car is within the reach. Read more

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