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Champs Family Automotive

The car has become our necessary requirement these days. It’s impossible to expect a pleasant and good life without a car, because cars make our life easier and more pleasant. However, the car needs to be taken care of. It takes both money and time to checkup, clean and maintain your vehicle.
If you maintain your car properly, it will last longer. Generally speaking, it would be hard to find all the solutions and alternatives at one place. That’s because most of the auto repair places don’t offer all the solutions at one place. Read more

Description Infiniti QX56


Five star car. Infiniti QX56 – the only one of the family of Infiniti, which is made ??in America at the plant «Nissan Canton», located in the state of Mississippi. This car is available from 2004, and in 2006 it was upgraded. The first copies QX56 found its fans in Russia, not only because they have a large size and excellent performance, but also due to a serious look and incredible comfort level. Now this car is no longer exotic, since 2007, it was officially sold in Russia. Close relatives of the Infiniti QX56 – Nissan Armada full-size pickup and Nissan Titan. new SUV has solid size, but that does not stop him from being a vehicle with excellent control and decent agility on the road. The model can be equipped with both rear-and all-wheel drive. Only one engine option – V8 of 5.6 liters and 315 hp Despite the fairly large engine capacity, is among them almost like a car and it was not heard in the cabin while driving. In this important achievement of the highest level of sound insulation. And not always mean big clumsy and slow. Infiniti QX56 seven-mass of 2.7 tonnes and a length of five meters, if necessary, can go very quickly.  Read more

Infiniti QX56: Overseas mastodon


It got us to the test one of these monsters – Infiniti QX56. This Japanese American descent was originally created to meet the needs of North Americans, who have long proven their love for big cars. For several years, our roads and travel through a futuristic crossover FX, and the monster QX56, imported “gray” dealers.Popular brand has enabled Infiniti show good sales in the first year of its presence in the country.  Infiniti QX56 is essentially a full-sized SUV perelitsovannym double Nissan Armada , built on the platform frame F-Alfa, which is the basis of many “American” SUV produced by Nissan. The main feature of the platform A-Alfa is a structure consisting of three modules, which, in turn, may vary depending on the model. Architecture of the front end with two-lever suspension is the same for all avtomobley, middle can vary depending on the specific model of the wheelbase and the rear part is individual. Read more

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