History of Infiniti QX56


Automobile manufacturers market always dictates its conditions. Almost at one point two advanced “Japanese” with a reputation for reliable manufacturers of quality but inexpensive cars have decided that it is time to open subsidiaries. It is a Nissan and Toyota.Brainchild automaker Toyota cars are Lexus, and Nissan Motors started producing cars Infiniti. Read more

Infiniti QX56. More the better


It seems that this principle guided the engineers and designers who created this car. Infiniti QX56 turned out really great. American maximalism is felt in everything from the handle of the driver’s door and ending fuel consumption. Getting into a huge room, inevitably imbued with respect for such a spacious and pleasant interior space. Enormous “soft corner”, made in the American style, very comfort. Analog clocks that have become hallmark of Infiniti, as always, looks great, too bad they are smallish. Somehow, some people were suspicious of a tree, which is decorated salon, and asked the question: now or not?Frankly, I do not understand why anyone would fake tree – it is complete in all plantations. The more original the car was made for the U.S., and there do not like to save money on cars. By the way, about the economy: for all the test drive, according to the testimony of the onboard computer, the average consumption of 24.5 l/100 km. Read more

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