Test drive: Infiniti QX56

2012 Infiniti QX

Unremarkable childhood dream: one morning, suddenly determined to grow up, get big enough to let in the theater without the demand for “Legend of Narayame.” In Infinity QX56 great in many ways, can be just a couple of seconds – sat down and went. Then you will understand, does have a large and still be an adult.

Embarrassing to admit, but that day I was thinking only of its size. The fact thought he was great. That is good, though not at the rate of happiness. On that day, I was taking a long test drive Infinity QX56, Russified and an updated version before come to Russia transatlantic light tank company Nissan.

At the auto show I was led to QX, as I let her son to the growth in paleontological Tirex waxwork museum.With reverence, and the expectation that by itself will break lingering, “Yeah-ah.”

With monsters always. It seems to know that they are big and weighty, but they find themselves face to face, even with a copy, you feel frightened, trying to imagine the pile quintals for some common pastime – eating, sleeping, mating. It turns nightmare. With QX was exactly the case. Imagine how you will go around the plug on the Ring Road on the side of this vice and say “goodbye.” You draw in the mind, as crunches, bursting at the seams, masonry old editorial gate.

The word “big” in the first personal acquaintance with him was for a time the most frequent in the generator of my random thoughts. Hair on the bristles bent under the hot breath of the working motor.Around the right side sported a scratch from something monument he – probably side mirror “Gazelle”.Clearly, great. Previous test-driver did not catch a light than the day before QX different days with QX: you suddenly and without protein supplements become large.

Is to people in childhood happen: at some point you stop suddenly thrust into that hole in the fence, which used last summer, stealing apples from a neighbor.

“You – said – do not touch the scratch, and that the previous test in the traffic police not yet formed.”Also clear, I think, the big guys for nothing DPS do not wait.

Big boys do go quickly. Being drawn one by one, three QX look like a two-story house with a bath in a lark. When this name even one of his third goes to the far left lane at a speed of 150-180 km / h, many in adjacent rows is not alone. As with other Infiniti , chassis settings and automatic transmission QX include sports. On the highway, even in the rear-wheel drive, essentially, by the way, saving fuel consumption (by the way, catch yourself in one case: each sharp overtaking driving QX eyes instinctively crawl toward the fuel flow), 2.7 tons of iron obedient, dutiful and legkoobuchaemy. Intermediate between orgasm and fear can present formulation of this train on the cruise control at a speed of 180 km km / h A feeling that the cybernetic organism itself purposefully rushing on the highway “Don” death to Sarah Connor.

For a large car prices Infiniti QX56 word “cross” of course, does not mean the same thing as, for example, for the “Field”, which is certainly considered its owners, the car too much, but they do not let much offended next to the QX’s like gulkin beak. For doroguschih SUVs, bought the Russian people, “cross” – is not swim in the mud, and the height and width overcomes curbs udobominuemyh underground arches. If the “jeep” can pass through the yard, not all neighbors turning mirrors, every Muscovite says that cross this car a fair amount. May seem strange, but in a cross-QX quite a nothing.Standard body width only 16 cm more than a distant cousin QX Nissan Pathfinder .

As often happens, your sizes are much more concerned about yourself, what the objective reality: as soon as the distinct feeling that, where it ends right corner of the hood, the fear of mirrors and dozing by the side of the dogs inevitably pass.

“Off-road” back as easy as possible for almost all standard “Nissans” camera.

Patency in the normal sense of the word – is hardly a quality description of which will pose in the advertising booklet QX. Despite the tremendous clearance (suspension height adjustment, obviously, for this reason, Infiniti and not), with a side hanging 56 can simply cherpnut land overhangs front or rear.Low and often massive steps can also be victims of bumps. But the size and help out here: for any Congress with federal highway in Russia wildlife staff tractor nearby villages on sight maneuver this pile of steel, immediately begin to quickly put govnotopy. Tentative welfare who may have QX makes tractor hustling more.

Big guys literally rather big. To organize the body, or rather six / seven bodies (in the second row instead of a triple sofa has two separate seats with a “locker” in the middle) QX interior provides plenty of space. Some insatiable noticed that QX strangely no steering adjustment for removal. Given the large amount of space inside, this option does not seem the most necessary, because by moving seat and pedals (they are movable, such as a Nissan Murano ), his position can be found in any case.

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