Infiniti QX56. More the better


It seems that this principle guided the engineers and designers who created this car. Infiniti QX56 turned out really great. American maximalism is felt in everything from the handle of the driver’s door and ending fuel consumption. Getting into a huge room, inevitably imbued with respect for such a spacious and pleasant interior space. Enormous “soft corner”, made in the American style, very comfort. Analog clocks that have become hallmark of Infiniti, as always, looks great, too bad they are smallish. Somehow, some people were suspicious of a tree, which is decorated salon, and asked the question: now or not?Frankly, I do not understand why anyone would fake tree – it is complete in all plantations. The more original the car was made for the U.S., and there do not like to save money on cars. By the way, about the economy: for all the test drive, according to the testimony of the onboard computer, the average consumption of 24.5 l/100 km.

Equipped with Infiniti QX56 «on most can not.” Here everything: leather and electric everything we can, including the trunk lid, powered pedals and heated steering wheel, steering wheel that instantly heats almost hot. But engineers, designers somehow forgot about the longitudinal adjustment of the steering column, it “walks” just up and down. However, a comfortable driving position found without it.

The most difficult thing in this car – parking. Leave the yard close is not easy, despite the excellent work of parking sensors, which, by the way, keeps track of all the obstacles due to the “review” of 360 degrees. Park also helps reverse camera and huge mirrors. But the dimensions are stubborn things – park still uncomfortable.

The vehicle on the road are a huge plus. Here Slavic mentality similar to the U.S. – more than a car, the steeper the owner. Blinking slowly traveling in the left lane did not have cars, the road to the large machines are inferior by default. To experiment, I took the humorous road services that are installed on the Moscow bridge sign limiting the speed to 40 km / h in the left lane – no one even dared to blink, obediently went back overtake someone on the next row and was surprised to look at Driver Infiniti, which observes the speed limit.

Quickly go to Infiniti QX56 only in straight lines. Engine capacity of 5.6 liters develops 325 hp, but the torque of the low-speed engine is simply amazing. When are moving in sync with the other cars in city traffic, the engine speed does not exceed two and a half thousand. Accelerating dynamics in numbers not so impressive: acceleration to first “hundred” takes about eight seconds. But when you are inside and you feel the pressure with which the vehicle is accelerating, there is a very pleasant feeling.

Another thing turns. Can not say that Infiniti QX56 frankly falls on turns, but still desire to turn the wheel at high speed is no longer the first high-speed rotation. Of course, you can blame the suspension being too soft, but, going by “speed bumps” or just a bad road, you start to appreciate the machine’s ability to ignore any flaws road.

Infiniti QX56 want to be run smoothly, enjoying every moment of your stay in this comfortable car. Even go out to eat do not want to, have to eat like real Americans – to go to the “Mc Drive.”

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