History of Infiniti QX56


Automobile manufacturers market always dictates its conditions. Almost at one point two advanced “Japanese” with a reputation for reliable manufacturers of quality but inexpensive cars have decided that it is time to open subsidiaries. It is a Nissan and Toyota.Brainchild automaker Toyota cars are Lexus, and Nissan Motors started producing cars Infiniti.

Infiniti Q45

In the early 70′s fuel crisis came unexpectedly. With him, in fact it started. Because the fuel in the entire North American continent, more expensive, American drivers were forced to think about the fact that it is time to switch to compact, and most importantly – economical cars, gas mileage which would be small. Moreover, apart from the lack of fuel, the economic situation in the country as well please. It was during this period of time, the U.S. market went Japanese cars Nissan. They are, in contrast to popular in America American and European car and were able to offer Americans what they needed – a modest inexpensive cars with low fuel consumption.

Soon after the crisis was over, economic conditions have improved and North Americans can afford not only compact, inexpensive car. Over time, fashion chic luxury cars had returned. After an expensive and beautiful car – the main attribute of luxury, which again came into vogue. In line with demand, the company Nissan Motors decides that it is necessary to develop a luxury car. However, it was necessary to invent a new name for the car. After all, the name synonymous with Nissan car owners with little modest car, and it was necessary that what is associated with luxury. So it came to be called car – Infiniti.

The first car Infiniti, namely the Infiniti Q45 was presented to the public as much as in 1989. It happened at NorthAmericanInternationalAutoShow. And very soon – in a presentation at the Detroit automobile corporation failed to prove the seriousness of his project. In the U.S., opened 50 new auto car brand – Infiniti Q45.

After the exhibition in the press there was a huge number of publications on the Infiniti Q45. Moreover, almost all the reviews are positive. Infiniti Q45 his emphasis on the dynamics and control. Under the hood of the car was hidden 4.5-liter eight-cylinder engine, which had a very decent performance at that time. His power was equal to 278 horsepower, acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour occurred in 7 seconds, etc. Car Infiniti Q45 rightly become a serious competitor both American and German cars. In essence, the Infiniti Q45 nebylo twins in the line models Nissan. In essence, Infiniti Q45 is the only model Infiniti, which has not been duplicated in the line Nissan.

Infiniti M30

Simultaneous release with the Infiniti Q45, entered the market and the cheaper model of car. It was the Infiniti M30 (the car in a closed coupe version and in a body “coupe.” He had shestitselindrovy cylinder power it is 162 horsepower. Actually, in terms of technology, the car is almost the same with the existing market NissanLeopard, which sold well over three years. However Infiniti M30 failed to achieve much success in the market, and three years later was withdrawn from the market. But he went down in history as one of the safest cars 90s.

For the lower price segment, after the Infiniti M30 has developed a new model of car – Infiniti G20. The developers were confident that cheaper cars expensive brands will polschzovatsya more demand from consumers. And they were right. During the first year, Americans bought more than 13,000 cars Infiniti G20. And in 1994, at the peak of sales, buyers bought from dealers nearly 18,000 cars. The prototype was the Infiniti G20 Nissan Primera. In addition, the car was originally a manual transmission, and for the installation of an automatic gearbox had to pay extra. Just 5-7 years Japanese raspberry Infiniti was able to win both high and low segment of the automobile market of the United States of America. However, this was necessary to create a new car, the price of which was not to be higher than Infiniti G20. This is how the car Infiniti J30.

Infiniti J30

The car, which the Americans dubbed “the machine, turn your head.” The name for the new car was unusual, and where even the strange design. However, because of this design, the engineers were able to achieve excellent aerodynamic performance. Therefore, despite its slightly strange appearance Infiniti J30 in great demand among buyers.

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