Review Infiniti QX4 V6 24V 03.03 I


So far (knock on wood), no serious trouble was not (the only time – automatic transmission switches from 1 to 2 with a noticeable jerk – but having read numerous complaints on this occasion the owners of such vehicles, scored on this deal).But this machine denyuzhku still loves him! Suck purchase revealed that both front shock almost died – sopliveli with terrible force, rear springs sagged so that the rear of strikers were pitiful rags. I thought I had to buy 4 original bumper and rear springs, but here people are advised to take a set of TOUGH DOG. Bought a set. At the time of the installation was not the size of the native spring – put a large diameter and height, with a progressive rate coil – blah, all the brains made ??this progressivka interturn his knock on a trip to the Altai (actually due to a trip and decided to put a lift kit). Later changed the rear springs on the native size (from the same TOUCH DOG). In principle, good suspension this TOUCH DOG, but bad moment – right rear shock creaked almost immediately. Dealer-installer assured me – this warranty and Amor will change. Been waiting for this for almost six months – that’s on the trail. week should change – the fact that the car is a rare and sets it to us almost did not bring distributors. Generally shock supposedly working properties lost (or almost – it is difficult to understand), but it gets much vizgoskrip!
Also immediately after the purchase was reversed: the timing belt with all seals, rollers, water pump, all belts mounted – and they are here on the VG33E ( engine so) much 3-piece separately gidrouilitel separately pump generator, separately kondishn. And of course in the engine oil and antifreeze. The box is not touching – the oil really fresh, not dirty.
consumables are changed from the front pads – creak, as put a cheap duplicate. Original is incredibly expensive and not the fact that it will not squeak! Vent about all sorts of lights and modestly say anything. Actually, the spare parts have all but expensive! And the originals are incredibly high – but go the rules! Judging by the rear bump stop – worth 50 Bachey thing! But after a trip to the Altai mountains – and there were parts of it must be said not a gift – tselehonkie! Although the car was heavily laden and often pierced suspension.
only slight problem – porvany duster on the front right garnet – almost turned into a complete tumor – well, here it is my fault, do not repair the car drunkards! Mount Master assembled drive wrong while trying it settled down – broke new duster! Well, I took a couple and was present in the repair! With my help, the status quo was restored, and the “master” has lost one customer forever!

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